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Stretching Exercises

Play out your uniqueness as you step into your LEADER role

3 months program to create your vision
and build a plan aligned with who you are growing into
personally and professionally.

Live Online Opening Workshop - September, 17 - 10:00 - 13:00 CET

​Accountability partner throughout the program

​90 minutes individual coaching session - mid-journey 

Weekly resources to support you throughout the program

Live Online Wrap-up Workshop - December, 17 - 10:00 - 13:00 CET


What defines true Leaders?

Experience Ignite your Leadership from Within and learn the skills to help you lead yourself and others to your definition of success.

Leadership is a process of influence, which maximises the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal. 
In this program we will explore your unique capabilities that can support you in leading yourself towards your life destination and practice self awareness to guide you through deeper insights.

Woman Looking Out the Window

Is this for you?

This program is designed for the busy experienced professional woman looking to access her potential to create greater impact in life, relationships and work.

Do you ever feel there is potential in you that you don’t get to use?

Do you day dream at a time in which you will be using your potential to your true value?

Do you want to be more involved in the way you lead yourself in life, relations and work?

What will you experience?

This program will create the space you crave to place your attention on yourself. To reflect on what needs your dedication today, and how you can access inner resources - mind, body, heart, intuition.

Peer Power

Meet and learn from like minded women

Get insights for similar challenges

Get clarity on your strengths

Identify your unique qualities

Perspectives to ignite your leadership

Deeper awareness

Recognise how your self talk supports or hinders your thinking and beliefs

Inspiration to take action

Empowerment to move forward with resources to support you

Insights on what needs your attention

Find the entry point to igniting your leadership

Practice new learnings

Techniques to increase mindfulness and awareness to support you in your journey

What are they saying?

Ana and Teodora designed a powerful leadership program. From the beginning, you are immersed into a light, warm and safe atmosphere.  I walked away having uncovered an important blind spot, and much more mindful of how I show up as a leader.

Cristina, Entrepreneur, HR Consultant

Writing with Pen

What is the format?

The 3 month online program is designed for a small group to offer you space to share, reflect and ask questions as well as to have better support in your practice.

The program includes:

>> 2 online live workshops, 3 hours each - September, 17 and December, 17

>> Working with an accountability partner for 3 months - at your own pace

>> 90 minutes individual coaching session to unwrap all your discoveries - mid-journey 

>> Weekly resources to support you on your journey - to study in your own rhythm

Safe intimate space

to explore your thoughts and feelings openly without fear of judgement

within a 10 to 12 women group.

Accountability Partners

to join, share and support your journey to leading yourself.

1:1 Discovery Session

will allow you to unwrap what you discovered and see what makes sense for you now: to balance and get inspired, to power up to your destination or to acknowledge what needs your attention.

Hands on approach

to guide your practice and follow-up support.

Friends on Road Trip

What is your investment ?

Sign Up to ignite your leadership within

Secure your spot in the program

Join us and start your journey

Who will guide you?


Teodora Iacob

Leadership and Identity Coach

Mentor | Facilitator | Trainer



Ana - Magdalena Hüni

Happiness and Burnout Prevention Coach

Mentor | Facilitator | Trainer


Stretching Exercises

Join us as and boldly step into your LEADER role

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