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Reconnect with Yourself

Live Online Workshop
October 1st - 10:00 - 13:00 CET






What's it like inside you?

Experience Align Wellbeing Workshop. Give yourself permission to reconnect to yourself and allow the present moment to be.

Burnout is the epidemic of the last 3 years and women are more prone to be affected mostly due to unequal demands.

In today’s fast-paced, high-demand world, it’s harder to just stop, breathe, and live in the moment. 

Burnout causes the disconnection between mind, heart and body.

Learn how to create your own support system, develop an easy and sustainable selfcare plan for better focus, better conversations and authentic wellbeing.

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Is this for you?

This workshop is designed for the busy, overworked woman who struggles to put herself first.
Do you ever feel there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything?
Do you feel cynicism and detachment from work, peers and friends?
Do you ever feel exhausted and overwhelmed with all your duties?
Do you day dream at a time in which you will have guilt free time for yourself?
Do you feel like the entire weight of the world is on your shoulders and can't afford a break?

What will you experience?

This workshop will create the space you crave to reconnect with yourself in the present moment.
You will get the support to safely dive into learnings and inner resources to build your self care routine.

Peer Power

Get insights for similar challenges

Start creating your
support system

Identify who and what can support you

Deeper awareness

Recognise what clutters and what supports your everyday life

Inspiration to
slow down

Learn to listen to your needs instead of your desires 

Insights on what needs your attention

Find out how you can increase resilience and take better care of yourself

Practice new learnings

Techniques to increase mindfulness and awareness to support you in your wellbeing journey

Writing with Pen

What is the format?

The 3 hour online workshop is designed for a small group to offer you space to share, reflect and ask questions as well as to have better support in your practice.

The workshop includes:

>> 3 hours live workshop - October, 1st

>> Working with an accountability partner for 3 months - at your own pace

>> 30 minutes individual coaching session to unwrap all your discoveries

Safe intimate space

to explore your thoughts and feelings openly without fear of judgement

within a 10 to 12 women group.

Accountability Partners

to join, share and support your wellbeing journey.

1:1 Discovery Session

will allow you to unwrap what you discovered and see what makes sense for you now: to balance and get inspired, to power up to your destination or to acknowledge what needs your attention.

Hands on approach

to guide your practice and follow-up support.

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What is your investment ?

Sign Up to transition from burnout to alignment

Secure your spot in the workshop

Join us and start your wellbeing journey

Who will guide you?


Teodora Iacob

Leadership and Identity Coach

Mentor | Facilitator | Trainer



Ana - Magdalena Hüni

Happiness and Burnout Prevention Coach

Mentor | Facilitator | Trainer


Water drops near a stack of stones

Join us to ALIGN with the present moment and start your wellbeing journey

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