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I work with diverse leaders and companies, focusing mainly on helping them become more productive and staying ahead of competitors, by putting their mental & physical health first. 

600+ hrs of coaching professionals from:

Document Management, Consulting, Retail, NGO's

Facilitator for bespoke workshops on mental health and leadership

Mentor and Executive Coach at SAP Startup Factory by BANA

Mentor at the Professional Women's Network

Executive Coach at the Humanitarian Coaching Network

Member of the Board, Head of Training and Coaching at the Romanian Business Club of Switzerland 

15+ years of international experience in working with C-level executives and entrepreneurs in document management and franchising industry.

I use a variety of techniques to bring high value + fast results for my clients. But what they mostly appreciate me for, is my warm - kind nature, yet high energy that I bring into our sessions, as well as the safe space I co-create with them, so that they can feel confident to bloom into unexpected AHA`s and insight that lead to important life-changes decisions. 

I am passionate about working at the intersection between high performance and mental health, learning directly from contemporary masters like: Tony Robins, Brene Brown, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Dan Luca, Robin Sharma and Vishen Lakiani.

In over 15 years of holding various leadership positions, I have known a rich international career that took me to Romania, Italy, Germany and now Switzerland, working with C-level executives and entrepreneurs from more than 40 countries and on 4 continents. 

But my personal mission brought me to becoming a high performance – mental health leadership coach, the position that brings me most accomplishments and joy. 

After experiencing a difficult burnout in 2010, paired to losing both my parents 2 years apart, my life took a radical shift towards prioritising my mental and physical health. I realized I had to completely hardware my mindset, if I wanted to never go back to the same hamster wheel routine that kept making me sick: I was a workaholic, running high on adrenaline, feeding on external validation, a perfectionistic in everything I did and my toughest self-critic. I did not know how to relax, detach from work and meditation was a strange term for me. Beside this, I was a people pleaser and found it hard to saying NO or set healthy boundaries between my private and personal life.

Nowadays I am a totally different person, starting my mornings, as well as evenings with myself and my well-established rituals that fill me with energy and purpose, so I can give further with joy. I am enjoying a balanced work-life, filled with satisfaction and purpose-calibrated, while I am still operating at the highest professional level possible. This is my most precious gift that I can give further and inspire upon leaders, as a coach, paired with my rich 15 years+ leadership cross-cultural work experience as an ambitious woman leader.

My first value is learning so I have invested in my education, by attending on of the highest ranked Executive MBA programs in Switzerland, as well as many other specialty courses. However, I have noticed that what leaders really crave for is somebody that is there for them, fully present and listening, mirroring what they are saying so that they can have powerful insights that will move them into action. 

Listening fully without judging, being there for you and meet you where you are, with compassion and empathy is one of my strengths as well. When we feel accepted and listened to, we can open-up and ultimately thrive into what we call “our ideal life”. Let me show you how, that is more attainable than you ever thought. 

I truly believe that each person has unlimited potential to accomplishing all their dreams and that each of us uncover a beautiful and special “black pearl core”, ready to shine upon the world. 

Partnering with me in a coaching relation, will allow you to meet a deeply empathetic, warm and, present yet challenging coach, that will reflect the discrepancies between your goals and your actions, gently pushing your attention back “to the ball”, so that your so called “impossible” becomes your new “I`m possible” allowing you to find a happy, burnout free and purpose-full life.

Working with Ana


I had the pleasure to work with Ana on coaching. How I would describe her? Warm, empathic, with very good energy. What I've got from my cooperation with her? Motivation and courage to start my plans. Sometimes we don't realize it, but inspirational words from the right person are life-changing. Keep motivating and inspiring people!

Mădălina Maria Popa

Alexa Shopping Data Associate at Amazon, NL

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