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Our professional journeys put together sum up about 40 years of corporate experience in various roles.

As professional women, we lived through the double standards, the pressure of delivering to perfection

while being caregivers and juggling a second unpaid job at home.

Not speaking our minds, pushing through burnouts, holding back valuable ideas, not showing up to our true potential -

these are some of the challenges we have faced ourselves.

Our personal journeys took us from working hard and driving ourselves mad striving be perfect to learning how to lead ourselves and discovering deeper purposes for our lives. 

On this path we have met numerous women with a strong desire to create greater impact in their personal and professional lives.

Women who are highly competent and experienced, who are dedicated to their roles but miss to strategise their own path

or succumb to their inner self-talk.

At best, there’s always something missing; at worst, they drive themselves into burnout.

If you want to maximise your contribution in your field and are looking for sustainable ways

to make it happen learn more about Your STELLAR Journey.


With the world changing rapidly - automated and disrupted - we need exceptional leaders to create positive, inclusive paths forward.

Our work grows the capacity, behaviours, skills and competencies across all levels of your organisation.

We offer individual and team leadership solutions to strengthen your culture — all based on your values, mission and business goals.

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