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The Roadmap to Designing Yourself for Success

6 months program

If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together - African Proverb


Create vision for future self

Clarify goals
Assess your strengths

Discover your blindspots

Create your support system


Build a plan aligned with who you are growing into personally and professionally

Design new habits

Develop new skills

Guided practice


Practice new abilities into life

long competencies

Integrate & introduce learnings both at work and at home


Build on progress and scale

as you grow

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Experience Ignite Conversations Master Mind, a learning space designed to zero in on areas of needed development for feminine leadership and generate steady personal and professional growth.

Leadership is a process of influence, which maximises the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal. 
In this workshop we will explore your unique capabilities that can support you in leading yourself towards your life destination and practice self awareness to guide you through deeper insights.

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Is this for you?

This workshop is designed for the experienced professional woman looking to demonstrate their potential to create greater impact in their field.

Do you ever feel there is potential in you that you don’t get to use?

Do you day dream at a time in which you will be using your potential to your true value?

Do you want to be more involved in the way you lead yourself in life, relations and work?

What will you experience?

This Master Mind Program will create the space for you to place your attention on yourself. To reflect on what needs your dedication today, and how you can access inner resources - mind, body, heart, intuition - to honour your mission.

Peer Power

Networking and support from like minded women
Get insights for similar challenges
Intimate & safe space

Get clarity on your strengths

Discover and remind yourself of your unique qualities

Deeper awareness

Recognise how your self talk supports or hinders your thinking and beliefs

Systemic group coaching

Inspiration to take action

Empowerment to move forward with resources to support you

Relevant guests - Coaches, Mentors, experts of key areas in personal development

Insights on what needs your attention

Befriend your blindspots and work on your weaknesses

Practice new learnings

Techniques to increase mindfulness and awareness to support you in your journey

Hands-on workshops on relevant topics

What are they saying?

I was unsure I can commit to such a long term process and that I can participate in all sessions. But I realised after starting that every session has its own information and values and the fact that you send the recordings definitely helps. The program made me more aware of things I needed to and can work on that I was ignoring for such a long time. It's like a wake up call and helps in prioritising my own wellbeing and what matters. I can see developing new strengths out of this experience, such as: setting and following goals, patience, focus, self-awareness. What I enjoy the most is the value of the time in the group sessions, the diversity in topics, the group in itself. It has surprised me to discover the openness and authenticity of all the group members.

Oana, Tech Marketing Consultant

Writing with Pen

What is the format?

We meet every two weeks on Thursdays from 17:30 to 20:00 CET for 6 months - 12 sessions.

2.5 hours online sessions designed for a small group to offer you space to share, reflect and ask questions as well as to have better support in your practice.

All sessions are recorded and made available to the participants.

The structure of the program is flexible and offers various ways of learning:

- short individual coaching sessions

- systemic group coaching

- workshops

Safe intimate space

To explore your thoughts and feelings openly without fear of judgement within a group of 10 to 12 women.

Accountability Partners

To join, share and support your journey to leading yourself;
To guide your practice and follow-up support.

Different learning experiences

Laser coaching - work on a specific topic and get judgement free perspectives from the group;

Systemic group coaching - learn to communicate openly and effectively, get perspectives on your limiting beliefs and habits that you recreate in different circumstances in your life;

Workshops - learn the theory and practice immediately;

Woman at Entrance

What is your commitment?


>>> Push through boundaries of awareness - learning feels uncomfortable sometimes

>>> Be an active participant, not an interested bystander

>>> Carve out time to reflect


>>> EUR 1.800 for the entire 6 months group Coaching Program, including the BONUSES below

(BONUSES include a 1:1 goal-setting 90 mins. coaching session, 12 LIVE group coaching meetings x 2,5 h on Zoom every 2nd Thursday evening - +30 h -, resources and materials on self-leadership, all session recordings valid 1 year and a library of resources including selected mentors group sessions)

EARLY BIRD 15% UNTIL 20.09.2023

What do you get when joining


30 hours of live online learning

Access to recordings and resources of all sessions, for 1 year after the program ends.

3 fold accelerated learning through group coaching sessions, community sharing and special mentor sessions 

Life-long access to North Star Coaching private support community

Access to North Star Coaching library of recorded workshops for 1 year after the end of the program.


  Cohort Intake is NOW OPEN with an EARLY BIRD discount of 15%, Next COHORT starts: 15.10.2023

What are the next steps?

Sign Up to an initial conversation to see if we are a good fit

Secure your spot in the workshop

Join the Master Mind Program and start your journey

Who will guide you?


Ana - Magdalena Hüni (Owner & M.D.)

Leadership and High Productivity Coach

Mentor | Facilitator | Trainer

ICF PCC, EMCC Senior Practitioner


Teodora Iacob (Co-facilitator)

Leadership and Identity Coach

Mentor | Facilitator | Trainer


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