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I show ambitious executives how to maximise their contribution to the organisation through self-reflection and self-knowledge as the foundation for personal and professional growth.

We develop core strategies that focus on their strengths, while addressing any blind spots that may be limiting their potential and recognising that relationships and effective communication produce results.

They get clarity on what is important in order to manage their energy and priorities, moving gracefully forward.


600+ hours of coaching professionals from:

Automation, International Affairs, NGO's, Information Services, L&D

Facilitator for bespoke workshops on effective communication and leadership development

Mentor at the EIC Women Leadership Program

Mentor at the Professional Women's Network

15+ years of experience in FMCG board and project management


I left my career as a C-Suite trusted adviser to become a Leadership Coach.

I used to run on adrenalin in leading projects and sitting at the table with C-level executives.

But a time came when I discovered my puzzle was missing pieces and they were not to be found in my sight.

I had to change what I had in sight, step out of my confort zone, unlearn, relearn only to find those missing pieces inside myself. 

Today I am still serving, adding more value and always with a purpose.

My passion is to transform, particularly in the areas of emotional literacy,

Women in Leadership and Inclusive Leadership.

Whilst empowering individuals and organisations to achieve results, I listen to my heart; my purpose is to connect hearts, help Human Doings become Human Beings again and bring the human side into the corporate culture.

Bringing our selves fully to the conversation is good for organisations and good for community.

When we become aware of our true potential and own our true self, a better life unveils, enhancing our potential.

It improves present status quo and paves the well-being of generations to come.

I bring over a decade of experience in supporting C-suite executives

and project management experience in FMCG industry.

My strong belief is that raised self-awareness is crucial to leadership excellence and career fitness at all levels.

One of my strengths is the ability to create clarity in your inner dialogue so you can reveal your unique excellence. 

Working together honours YOU - your values, your vision and your voice.

So you can show up from a place of strength, confidence and passion.


My clients see me as their thinking partner who enables them to discover solutions to their unique situations. 

I have a holistic approach in my work, meeting you where you are in your life

and enabling you to move forward with ease.

My love to travel has led me to work with clients on four continents,

and I embrace my life and practice with an explorer mindset. 

Working with Teodora


The sessions with Teodora were extremely helpful at a turning point in my career.

Her approach is tremendously effective because it seeks to identify the inner motivations of the individual rather than focus on professional objectives alone. This helped me understand what truly inspired and motivated me in my work. I was able to identify practical steps to expand my career choices and be guided by an honest reflection on my interests and goals as a person.

Working with Teodora enabled me to stay true to myself while pursuing a clearer vision for my professional journey.

Ioana Creițaru

Climate and Disaster Risk Management at CADRI, CH

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