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What Does Your Soundboard Sound Like?

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

What music plays in your ears all day, everyday? When you open your eyes and realise: I am up. A new day. If the two sentences would be accompanied by a tune - what is your tune playing in your ears?

On your way to the bathroom - no matter how many stops you have to take to get to the bathroom - checking on your children, opening a window, turning on the espresso machine - what’s your tune like?

If you were to add a soundtrack that is in good sync with your steps and your body and your thoughts and your mood in your morning and your environment - what does it sound like?

What is your tune in traffic? Or at the supermarket? At work? At dinner time? During the weekend? What about when you are with family? Or with your partner? Or with your children? Or with YOU?

Start listening. Without trying to change the tune, take notice. Listen for a day, a week, a month. Do you notice the tunes are sometimes tunes you no longer want to listen? They tend to be so connected to many of your thoughts.

Imagine your steps - action, your body - physical abilities, your thoughts - information, assumptions, beliefs, your mood - emotions, your environment - all that is outside of you - people, situations as if you are making a movie.

You are the Creator of the movie and you get to decide what soundtrack you need for each scene of the movie.

If by any chance you think your tunes are not relevant, I invite you to watch a film without soundtrack or an average tune thrown at the beginning and at the end. Almost any Romanian film will do. Tell me how you enjoyed it. Or try watching the Titanic without the soundtrack. Or Django. Or Pulp Fiction. Or Dirty Dancing.

Interesting enough when there is no soundtrack, you hear a lot of noise and the voices of the actors, they are very dim. It’s as if the music leads the action.

Maybe it is worth asking: Where in my life I need to change the tune? Where are some of the tunes that I love? And why are they not present in many of my scenes?

When the tune plays and you don’t acknowledge it, your movie has a scene which you don’t fully acknowledge.

The more scenes without the acknowledgement of your tune, they will eventually impact the very quality of the film.

Take a moment to reflect. Acknowledge your thoughts - were you able to sit with these questions or did thoughts rush in? From “yeah, it’s not really like that for me” to “yes! This means there is something wrong with me” to “oh no, what have my parents did to me”, and they can race in your head until you feel exhausted and depleted to even consider adding a tune you love. One! Not all, not shooting your entire movie. The scenes from the past - they are gone. The ones from the future, they have not yet been created. All you have is the PRESENT scene. Start working on one tune. And strive to create the right tune for the movie you are shooting.

Acknowledge your emotions.

Acknowledge your beliefs. What do you tell yourself in this moment?

Acknowledge your body. How does it feel inside? In this moment of reflection, allow your body to participate.

That is awareness. That in itself has the power to create a new tune - the tune of Presence.

One scene has the potential to transform any movie.

Awareness has this amazing quality, similar to the soundtrack of a good movie.

Awareness has this power. To transform your mornings, your way to the bathroom, your daily traffic, your work, your dinners, your weekends, your relationships, YOU.

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